Better Call Saul Out On His Misogynoir

Hi Saul,

I see that I have been on your mind. Imagine you letting me live rent-free in your head. So you wanted attention…. Sure here you go!

Honey bear… I’m not sure what white-centered, hetero-normative form your personal relationship takes…but I will be damned if I will let you make any similar demands of my person or my marriage. Hell, it wasn’t until 6 years ago that it was even legal for me to be married to my wife, so I fought like hell for that right, and my wife and I are the ONLY ones who will define what that relationship looks like.

So, let me be clear, in my marriage, there are two beings, two brains, and two points of view on just about everything. I am first and foremost a Black woman. How in fresh hell are you even going to suggest that I not speak my mind on issues of racism because my wife happens to have a job at the district. I know you only show up for issues of advance placement and budget discussions so you may have missed the fact that I have stood right in front of my wife, the D65 board, and the D65 cabinet and spoke out about racist actions of the board and cabinet in the past and slammed them too. I don’t pick sides… I am simply against racism.

  • Are you trying to say that a Black woman needs to shut her mouth on issues of racism because of her white wife’s paycheck?
  • Are Black folks to be owned and controlled by their spouses???? Or just Black women?
  • Are you trying to insinuate that my Black a$$ is not capable of having my own thoughts and opinions… I can only somehow orchestrate those of my wife??
  • Are you attempting to silence a Black woman’s cry for racial justice and equity by threatening a portion of her family’s livelihood?
  • Did you for a moment think this would result in my silence….if so, you have ZERO CLUE WHO I AM.


As a Black Queer woman, I live with and experience the racism and anti-LGBTQ sentiment of this town. I also have two black kids in D65 so this means I have opinions. When the topic is potential board members who are racist, I have skin in the game and I will voice those opinions as I see fit.

Further, your attempt to in any way use my wife’s job security to shut me up is a clear tactic of your white supremacy and that is vile….and weak. This was your last resort after you FOIA’ed my name and one of my companies to see if the district was paying me to speak out????

No sir… I fight racism for FREE!!

I mean, is it such a foreign concept to you to believe that people would work towards a less racist community because they themselves want to live in a less racist community and have all Black and Brown children experience a better future?

To top all of this off, in a country battling white supremacy and homegrown white terrorist, you have the gall to call a Black woman fighting racism a “terrorist” and “violent”????? And you thought you were HELPING your candidate friends??? Exactly what planet did you wake up on this morning? Lord… with friends like you….. who needs enemies?

You and folks like you are the reason I am one of the few people of color who speak up in this town. When white folks systemically hold the purse strings, people don’t speak up because they are afraid their livelihoods can be at risk. Your threat against my family’s financial security is trash….and you are the one who will ultimately have to answer for this incident.

The folks who have been on the board for a while are well aware that before or after they are elected when racism is afoot, I have and will continue to bring it to their attention. The folks who can’t hear that there was a racist impact to their actions and hence re-evaluate their actions, do not belong in ANY leadership in our community…. cause I have been speaking out loudly against the city council too if you missed it.

Any person who is not open to recognizing the mere potential of having a racist impact or furthermore, who is actively spewing racist concepts like the existence of “reverse racism”, promotion of colorblindness, selling the individualism myth despite the disproportionate racial outcomes, and blaming the 5th ward for not passing the 2012 5th ward school referendum does not belong in a position of leadership in the community.

Anyone who thinks that my wife can control my mouth or has any intention of controlling my mouth has obviously never met me, or my wife…. y’all funny no tail! I am legit one of the most long-term thinking folks you will ever meet. I am aware that speaking out puts me and my family at risk and makes us a target. I take on this risk with my eyes wide open. I prepared for folks like you like 3 years ago….

Toodles Saul…….. My agenda is my own… you miscalculated with this move… go tell your racist buddies you failed..…

Ps… Race-baiting…. is not a thing…. I mean… maybe in down south…but you missed that turn a while back… happy to give you directions.

Karla Thomas is an Anti-Racist & Equity Consultant & Trainer, Writer, Activist & Entrepreneur.

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