An Apology to Alderperson Fiske

Alderperson Fiske, I must start by offering you my sincerest apologies. Apparently, all the times that I've shown up at City Council I have not paid you enough individual attention. Imagine my gall to show up at City Council in an “ugly manner”, forgetting my “civility” and “aggressively” quibbling over such trivialities like racism in our town. But fear not….. all the Alderfolks who avoid the overtly racist language of your fallen comrade, Alderperson Rainey, yet use coded language and enthusiastically vote for council actions with racist impacts, your time in the spotlight will soon come…. Alderperson Fiske… today is your lucky day!

So Alderperson Judy Fiske discovered this week that campaigns have gone virtual and she can’t just rely on the “friend-of-a-friend” and “well-intentioned white lady” votes anymore. So she put out her first online campaign newsletter. I am pretty sure that most Evanstonians just ignored her proclamations since only 20% of us bothered to vote in the primary election. However, because I have a big heart and love to help, I am going to help not only circulate Alderperson Fiske’s newsletter, I am going to help citizens decode it.

In a time when this country and town is marked by an unapologetically loud cry for racial justice and for the lives of our Black community members to matter as much as our white counterparts, Fiske dedicated her entire newsletter to EVERYTHING ELSE but racial justice and equity. To be fair she sprinkled the word “equity” in there once, where she talked about the “Northwestern Equity Fund”… and happily gave the city credit for the Northwestern Good Neighbor Racial Equity Fund. What does one call it when a colonizer colonizes a fellow colonizer’s “nice white people” community credit?

I digress….

Upon first read, it may have just felt to you as “political goobly gook.” That is, if you were able to ignore the glaring fact that as the Alderperson of the ward that has undergone so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so MUCH highrise rental development in the last 12 years, she had the ovaries to entitle a section of the campaign message “Smart Development.” If what Alderperson Fiske has been showing us in the last 12 years of her term is “smart development,” then I’m going to need to sign us up for “Remedial Development 101” ASAP! Wouldn’t smart development have included a hell of a lot more truly affordable housing.

Fiske then cried out for civility…. .because when you can’t muster a “BLACK LIVES MATTER” the next best thing is “Civility Matters,” right? If your racial consciousness is above a level of -5, you would already know that when white folks start calling for “civility” they are about to “do a racism”.

She starts…

“This is an important election for another reason. The ugly nature of the nation’s political discourse,…”

Because it was the discourse for her…. in a nation that was being overrun by White Supremacy all the way to the oval office… that was the crux of the matter.

“….with its belligerent outbursts and dishonest arguments, is threatening to take root here in Evanston……”

The dictionary defines “Belligerent” as aggressive and hostile…. I thought we covered this ISH with the last racist outburst coming from our city council folks. Side note though, we aren’t “threatening” anything… we are here in Evanston and we are unapologetically taking up space and voicing our opinions….you are just not used to such outspoken folks who don’t fear you.

“…..via a small but vocal group claiming falsely that our City Council is out of touch and lacks transparency.”

Newsflash Fiske….. you have everyone from right-of-center mayoral candidates to Bernie-loving left-winged activists coming out to tell the city council that they lack transparency…. so like…define small exactly? Out of touch is literally the nicest thing I could say about you…But could it be that Fiske is sooooo “out of touch” she has not taken a look at the political scoreboard???

“We have seen them shouting angrily at ward meetings, at Council, and on social media.”

Again with the “angry Black people” trope … I mean… have we not been over this?? Also, do you notice that the folks who are always the most upset about social media are the folks who miss a time when the “underclass” could not organize and rally so quickly because white supremacy controlled all the news outlets???? Yeah, so I say social media …. the great equalizer!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Social Media evens the playing field and Fiske is BIG MAD…So so very sad.

“They have drowned out many sensible voices with their baseless charges and aggressive tactics,…”

And here we go with the “aggressive” again… are we learning nothing???.. Like nothing at all??? Looks like remedial development is not the only remedial class needed?? And exactly who are these “drowned out sensible voices?”… All I hear in this town is a whole lot of white silence, save a few….

And on to this talk of “Baseless”….again, watch the scoreboard!!!

“….and it is my hope that the coming election will demonstrate that the voters here still value community conversations based on reason, listening to others, and civility.”

You know what is not civil Alderperson Fiske?…Racism! Your barely shrouded racism is not civil. I’ll remind you, as I reminded Alderperson Rainey, the scariest thing about Black folks is that they rise again, and again, and again! We see right through you. We have deciphered your rhetoric and we will run up that scoreboard with our votes for a more transparent, more progressive, less racist Evanston leadership.

I’m so very sorry that you are going to lose your job.

P.S. On the bright side, however, your Anti-Beer Pong initiative never went anywhere so you have a new sport for your upcoming retirement.

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